Vibehut FAQ

What is Vibehut?

Vibehut is the first 1-on-1 social video platform that cross-connects social web2 platforms and web3 blockchains. In one-click you can instantly match with leading influencers, creators and builders, based on follower count, coin price or NFT ownership!

How do I use it?

Sign in with any of the social logins at Your username, follower count and profile picture will be pulled in. On the main page click the “Start Call” button and you’ll be matched into a 1-on-1 video call.

Can I filter my matches?

Yes! You can use the filter button on the main page to filter based on your own follower count! If the account you used to login has follower count of 1,000 you would be able to filter for others that have 500 follower and above.

Do I have to filter?

No, it’s totally up to you! If you’d like to match with more people, keep your filter low!

How long to calls last?

Talk with the other person for as long as you’d like. Calls can last for 5 seconds or 5 hours, up to you!

I want to report a call I had

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience! Our goal as a team is to make uncomfortable calls extinct! Please immediately report the person and we’ll take a look.

What is a room?

On the main page you match based on follower count and coin price. A room is a place to match with people based on interests or NFT holdings. A room may be public or unlisted.

What logins can I use?

You can login with the most popular social and cryto logins. You may use DeSo, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and MetaMask. Don’t see a login you’d like to use? Let us know on Discord or

Can I login with my e-mail

Vibehut looks to make use of the years of reputation that people have built online. You may only use one of the social or crypto logins available.

How do I access NFT rooms?

Connect your OpenSea wallet to MetaMask. Login with MetaMask and join any NFT enabled room that own an NFT of.

I have a feature request! What should I do?

Have feedback or suggestions? Let us know on or in the Discord

What Social Accounts Should I Follow?

Discord -

DeSo -

Instagram -

TikTok -

Twitter -